Media Strategy

My goal is to help your business grow. In order to do that, we need a plan; together we will combine your business goals, and find your ideal client. That way, we know who we are trying to sell to.

Web Design

You must have a website! Everyone searches online first before they even visit your store, or even call you on the phone. They want to make sure you are a legit company, and a company that looks professional. I can accomplish that for you, and make sure that it ties in with the branding that you already have. 

Digital Marketing

Have a website? Advertise on Facebook? How about advertising on Google? PPC? Keywords? SEO? No idea what I am talking about? That's okay too! I will go through all of the channels to try and find out where your ideal client spends their time online, and then market directly to them. 


No content? Not a problem. I can help you curate your own content. Content that will be useful to you and your clients. Always be sure to taking pictures of your products, space, or events. Photos are the easiest bit of content you could possibly have!

Branding and Identity

First thing people see is your logo, they then start to look through all of your other branding materials. So it is imperative that everything is cohesive and clean. We will work together to get the look that shows your company the best!

Social Marketing

It is everywhere, and your clients are looking at it ALL DAY! Why would you not spend time marketing on the most used platforms today? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, together we will find the networks that best suit your business and focus our time there. It is amazing what will happen when you use the free tools around you.  

Current Clients:

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